What Authors Are Saying About Their Experience

Thinking of using our promotional services? You are not alone. Over the years we have helped hundreds of authors improve their book sales, find new readers to comment on their books, and ensure their books reach the Best Seller lists on Amazon. 

To inspire you further, we have compiled more than a hundred real-world examples of authors who have used our services. Read what readers have had to say about their books, or simply find out what the authors have to say about our promotions and the results they got. We welcome you to join their ranks!

Other Testimonials

“Oh my gosh !! I’m so thrilled with the results of the promotion you ran for me! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I’m very grateful. To finally be heard after being silent for so long. There are no words. “

Jena Parks, author of The Fear of the Blow

“Thanks KBookPromotions! As a result of your promotion, I managed to enter the Top 1000 Paid in the whole Amazon Kindle store with my debut novel, Isolated. Thank you for turning my book into a BestSeller. Overall a fantastic service.”

Matt Rogers, author of Isolated

“As a first time author, it is extremely difficult to fan the flames of interest of new readers and then turn those readers into helpful, insightful reviewers, but thanks to KBookPromotions this process was achieved within days and the results were spectacular! My book actually received top ranking in three separate categories. I’m a believer!”. Thank you.”

Jessika Kilde, author of Siri’s Saga

“Thank you so much!! This was a great result!!”
My awards include: Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and Semi-Finalist Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.

Lauren Smith, author of The Seduction Series, and Surrender Series

“I’m speechless. Truly. Champagne on me.
Seeing my book at #1 in the Best Seller lists really made me smile. I’m still rather awestruck right now over all of it. My wildest dreams I really wasn’t believing it could be done. I cannot thank you enough for everything!.”

Sherry Rentschler, author of Time and Blood

“I was very pleased with the results of this promotion!
The book is continuing to sell more copies each day which it never did before using your service. I am currently finishing up the sequel to my first novel and look forward to using your service to promote that book.”

Fredric Shernoff, author of The Traveler

“Yes, I am ecstatically happy to confirm the sales numbers. Release day was well above my estimates and also in the UK!  Not only am I thrilled with such a great response to a historical romance set in the Regency period in England, I am so very proud of its achievement. To receive this kind of support and encouragement is hard to describe.
So my thanks again for your help – I shall certainly be in touch again.”

Sahara Kelly, author of  Heart in Hiding