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Frequently Ask Questions

How are the subscribers chosen?
Our subscribers are selected based on their:
- history of purchases, reviews, and comments on a number of sites from Goodreads to Amazon.
- preferred genres
- reliability to purchase a book on a specific date.

All are keen readers who have volunteered to give their personal opinions on the books they read. Our subscribers are not professional reviewers or experts in a certain genre. Instead, they are members of the public who give general opinions about a book.

What information should I provide when I submit a book?
The submission form will guide you through the information we require. There is a Comment field where you can also provide additional information. This is particularly useful for non-fiction authors covering a niche area, but all other authors can also use it if they wish to include special remarks. Please note that including your email address is a must. If you don't include a correct email address we cannot contact you.

How does your pricing work?
Our pricing is based on your book being $2.99 or under. $2.99 is the optimum price since it enables you to earn the maximum 70% royalty, and the price is low enough to encourage the impulse buyer during our promotions. If your book is more expensive that $2.99, then we charge an extra cost which we will work out for you. The highest price for books we promote is $9.99, but to attract new readers we strongly recommend offering your price at $2.99 or under.

Can you promote my book on your Facebook pages?
Yes. This would be part of our Gold service so when your book hits the Best Seller lists we can add you to our Facebook pages.

Can I submit a hardback or paperback book?
No - our promotions is dedicated to the promotion of ebooks.

Are you part of Amazon?
We are an Amazon affiliate and receive a small fee whenever our subscribers purchase from Amazon.

Can I submit more than one book?
Yes, but we will promote each of them on different dates. We want to ensure you are happy with our service before making further investments in our services.

Do you accept genres such as Erotica, Horror, or the Occult?
We support all books sold on Amazon.

How long should I wait after submitting a book for a reply?
Please be patient. If you have not heard within 3 working days of your submission, write to us using the CONTACT US link above.

Do you have a referral program at kbookpromotions?
Yes. Publishers, authors, and promoters are all welcome to apply for our referral program and earn a commission. Please contact us if interested.