Benefits of becoming a customer

Once you have used our Best Seller or Review Express service, you are able to request a broad range of add-on services to help promote your books further. These include:

• Individual customer support from real people (no automated replies)

• Conference calls with any of our experts on promoting your books further on Amazon

• A range of other promotional services which include:


The Super Seller
The best ROI service we have found for generating new sales for your book.

Monthly subscriptions
Amazon changed its algorithm in favor of books with regular sales and reviews. So authors need to keep a regular stream of new sales and reviews being posted on Amazon. This service provides just that: a steady stream of sales and new reviews each month for your book.

SEO service
Do you want readers to find your book when searching for a particular phrase or word on Amazon? How about “mystery thrillers” or niche areas like “french cooking”? We’ll help you get to page 1 of Amazon’s search results. Highly recommended for non-fiction books.

International sales
Looking to find new readers outside the USA?. What about England, Canada, or even Australia. What about the huge opportunities in the Spanish market, or in other languages?

Let us help you find reviewers on other popular book reader sites like Goodreads.

Audio Books
Do you also have an audio book needing reviews? We can help by promoting your book to subscribers and asking them to purchase it and post reviews on both audible and Amazon.

Amazon Ads
Would you like your book to appear along side the other books being advertised on Amazon? Let us manage the ads for you, and each week we’ll send you the results. This package can really boost your visibility on Amazon.

Can I request these services if I am not a customer yet?

Sorry, no.

We believe we need to earn your trust first, so when you have seen how well we can help you achieve new sales and reviews through our Best Seller or Review Express, then you can be confident we can help you with all these other add-on services.

So once you have become a satisfied customer, you are welcome to request any of these add-on services, or ask for any other help you might need in finding new readers for your books.