What's the toughest challenge facing audio book authors?

Answer: Finding new audio-book listeners – but not just any listeners.

What you really want are listeners who will support you by posting reviews on audible.com, Amazon’s premier audio book store. The good news is that we’ll find them for you.

Tired of spending hours, days, weeks chasing up possible readers on social media or through your own network of friends? Let us take that weight off your shoulders by letting our team of virtual assistants do the work for you.

By submitting your audio book to our service you:

• Get new reviews for your audio-book, all with the blessing of Amazon who will provide you with the free promotion codes to seek these reviews.

• Boost the sales rank book of your audio book

• Create buzz around your audio book

• Get feedback on what readers really think of your book

The benefits

• It’s FREE: your promo codes are free so listeners will be buying your audiobooks at no cost to you or them. We’ll show you how to get them!

• Get reviews! The importance of reviews for your book is well known, as is the fact that getting reviews is one of the hardest things to achieve in promoting your book. So take advantage of this great offer while it lasts!

So how does it work?

Submit your audio book and promo codes

We check it and assign it to a virtual assistant

Our audio listeners receive it and post reviews within days

1. Check you can get free audio book promo codes from ACX or Audible.
If unsure on how to get your free 10 promo codes, click here.
When ready, press the Submit Book button on the top right, and fill in the online form.

2. We receive your submission. Our editorial team will look through your audio book details. If your audio book is chosen, you’ll receive confirmation and a payment request to cover the cost of us hiring a virtual assistant. It is important to notice that you are not paying for reviews, but paying someone to send your promo codes and to chase the listeners up to post reviews for you.

3. The virtual assistant will chase up the reviewers. They will use a large email list of audio book subscribers and offer them your free book. When they get a response, they will send them your promo code. politely asking them to post a review if return. The listener is under no obligation to post a review – they do so voluntarily.

4. Each subscriber is given a time-limit to accept your promo code. We find this has proven to be the best way to get responses. If the first respondent does not claim the code within a fixed time limit, your virtual assistant will offer it to the next respondent. The aim is to get all your codes accepted and reviews posted within 2 weeks.

5. You check the results. From your ACX Promo Code page, you can tell which codes have been redeemed by our audio book subscribers, and on Audible.com or Audible.co.uk you will be able to view the reviews that have been posted.

So how do we promote your book?

Our customers have particularly appreciated our ability to get our community of audio book listeners to download their audio books, and especially the work of our virtual assistants to send them emails and reminders to review your book.

The key to our service is in having both a large database of audio book subscribers to contact, and a reliable team of assistants to ensure your book gets a review. As many will testify, finding email addresses of reviewers, and then chasing them up with polite reminders to post a review is no easy task, taking lots of time and energy that most authors would prefer to spend in writing their next book (or just on leisure time).


Pricing is quite straight forward, and this is largely to cover the costs of the virtual assistants we hire to forward your promo codes to listeners and to chase them up for reviews. The options are:

3 week " Audio Book Review Express" service

I just want to target audio book subscribers

# of Promo Codes
to sent us
Average # ReviewsPrice to Hire a
Virtual Assistant

(reviews will be posted within 2 weeks)

Please note that we will try to get our readers to use all your promo codes as well as the reviews we will chase up for you.

Getting more and more people to download your audiobook and ask them to post a review is increasingly difficult, so the hours needed by the virtual assistants (and therefore the price of their services) goes up the higher volume needed.

Our Requirements

In order for us to consider your submission for a promotion, your audio book should comply with the following:

1) Available on Audible.com or Audible.co.uk.

2) You understand that we provide no guarantee. The average number of reviews we list above is about 90% accurate, so we are confident we can get these numbers for you. However, if you get below this number, then the chances are that your book does not have a wide demographic appeal, or that simply your audiobook format or description does not draw them in enough.

3) Decent cover. Your audio book cover is important – it’s the first impression your potential reader gets of your book, so it’s important to get this right. If we believe your cover is letting you down, we’ll tell you, and send you a list of sites where you can get this fixed.

Note: Please be aware that even if your audio book meets all the criteria, this does not guarantee that it will be accepted. We reserve the right to select the audio books we feel best suited to our subscribers.

If your audio book is not selected, and you would like to re-submit your book, please wait at least 14 days.