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  2. Super and Best Seller Service for your book priced at $2.99  
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Service: Super Seller Chrome Super Seller Bronze Best Seller Silver

Best Seller Gold

Avg # of book sales 50 100 120-150 180+  
Average # of reviews - - 1-2 3-6  
Reach BestSeller Lists - - Yes Top 10
aiming for #1
Best-fit categories - - Yes Yes
Screenshots of the results - - Yes Yes  
BestSeller Badge - - Yes Yes  
Price $250 $475 $790 $1300  
  For Silver and Gold promotions, we will verify if the sales total you requested is enough to make the Amazon Best Seller lists in your category
(this is a 2 day promotion, with reviews posted during the next 1-2 weeks)
  or 2. Review Express  
  I just want to target reviewers  
  Price of Book Amazon Verified #Reviews Price
Light $0.99 Yes 6-8 $199  
Light Speed* $0.99 Yes 6-8 $250  
Medium $0.99 Yes 12-15 $405  
Hot $0.99 Yes 22-25 $680  
  (purchases and reviews posted within 21 days)
* The Light Speed service ensures all purchases are made within 5 days,
such as when you run a Countdown promotion
  Please ensure you read our How it Works page before starting.
If your book is priced over $2.99, contact us for a price quote.

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