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  1. Select the price of your book


For ebooks priced over $2.99

Our pricing is usually based on books at $2.99 or under.

Pricing for ebooks over this price will depend on which service you select and the demands on our services at the time. So, ask us for a quote using the CONTACT US link on top right of this page. Please confirm which service you require (BestSeller? Review Express?) and the price you will be offering your book at.

Why we recommend promoting your books at $0.99 or $2.99

$0.99 is the cheapest price you can offer your book at Amazon, other than free. It's advantages are clear:

- it encourages impulse buyers to purchase your book
- it usually generates the highest number of downloads of your book during a promotion
- if anyone reviews it, it will shows as a "verified purchase review" on Amazon.


$2.99 ebooks also have some clear advantages:
- it enables you to earn 75% royalties on your ebook, rather than just 30% for books priced at $0.99
- it's the lowest price to encourage new readers to buy your book while earning max royalty rates
- if anyone reviews it, it will shows as a "verified purchase review" on Amazon


  Please ensure you read our How it Works page before starting.
If your book is priced over $2.99, contact us for a price quote.

Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Simply select the price of your book on Amazon.

2. Decide which of our services you prefer.

3. press the SUBMIT BOOK button on the top right and fill in the form.